[CR]Pic of the Day's Guide to Fashion May 12th

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Subject: [CR]Pic of the Day's Guide to Fashion May 12th

Pic of the Day Special "Guide to Fashion"

Winter training on the Italian Riviera, February 1949.

Mud-guards, no bottles, Simplex derailleurs for the bikes. Berets, plus-fours (sp?), plaid socks (except Serse isn't wearing socks), no gloves, and tight woolen sweaters for the riders.
>From left to right unknown amature, Fausto Coppi (Bianchi), Luigi Casola (Benotto), unknown amature, Serse Coppi (Bianchi), Oreste Conte (Bianchi).

Three men who died rather young: Serse Coppi died age 28 from head injuries suffered in a crash at the 1951 Giro del Piemonte . Oreste Conte died in 1956 age 37, two years after retiring from the sport. Fausto Coppi died of malaria in 1960 at age 40.


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