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It was one of a set of rims that Super Champion made to compete with the Fiamme Ergal Rims. Mel Pinto Imports imported them and sold them in his 3 stores. They were like $100-125 for the pair in the late 70's - early 80's. I remember them being very light and extremely durable.

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> Total wheel pair - 1290g
> Price (1983) - about $230 (Super Champion Performance rims were $70 EACH in
> 1983; 40g heavier Record du Monde rims were $15 each) >>
> Ha! That's great.. Senior moment perhaps, but I don't remember a Super Champ
> "Performance" model.. Which catalog did you see that in?

1983 Palo Alo Bicycles. From the description, it was one of the early hard anodized rims.

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