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Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 17:06:27 -0400

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Peter Kohler wrote:
> (cut)
> Finally, I frankly don't care if today's professionals like or ride our
> classics. My Walter Mitty fantasy isn't a Lance Armstrong competing today
> on a 1977 Raleigh Team Pro, but me.

Okay, now I understand. I didn't realize this was all a Walter Mittyesque daydream on your part. I thought you were being serious when you challenged all comers, you on a '40s Raleigh 4-speed and them on their 15 pound ├╝berbikes. My apologies...

Chuck Schmidt South Pasadena, Southern California

No, Chuck.. sorry, you are indeed confused. I was referring to Raoul's ORIGINAL posting which started this thread. Which you might well want to read. In total. In which he surmised starting a pro team using classic lightweights. His Walter Mitty Fantasy perhaps. But one which resonated with many of us who did read it. At least those of us who, shock! horror!, belong to the CR list because we love riding and collecting classic lightweights and think they are the best things out there. It's gratifying perhaps being the list contrarian, but I don't think you're getting too many converts here to index gearing and toothpaste tube graphics.

When I cycle for real, I do challenge all comers on whatever I ride. And that's not a daydream. The idea that one cannot "race" (in a casual bike path pick up way let alone professionally) one era of machine against another is YOUR opinion, one that I utterly reject based on MY experience. I don't think I am dreaming as I pass Litespeeds et. al. on my '48 RRA or '72 PX-10. As I said, rather or not real professionals do is of no concern of mine. I have yet to even see Lance Armstrong cycling around here. Finally, you might well explain your oft-stated "It's not the bike", "Race the Rider not the Bike" credo in relation to your stance on this issue. I find a profound misconnect here. If you believe that, then you should be the one cheering Lance off on his DL-1.

Apology accepted. Raoul's original "what if" was an excellent one and I'd again invite you to read it.

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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