[CR]Re: Campy Triple BB <=> Phil Wood Triple BB ?

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Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 04:30:55 +0000
Subject: [CR]Re: Campy Triple BB <=> Phil Wood Triple BB ?


FWIW, the NOS post-1977 68-SS-X3 BSC Record triple spindles that I have measure 123mm long, with a left side of 30, and a right side of 37, so +7 on the right.

For 70-SS-X3, the left side is 1 mm longer, so 124 total, and +6 on the right.

(These measurements were just done by hand with a caliper, so don't take them as gospel, but they're pretty close, I'd wager).

For the pre-1978 ones, Sutherland's sez 117 with +8 on the right (68-SS-120 X3), and then 118 with +8 on the right for 70-SS-120 X3.

Looks like the left side ends got significantly longer in 1977 for the triple spindles....

I've never seen a solid Record triple spindle. Record and GS spindles are pretty significantly different in material and processing I believe (although they share dimensions in several cases). The reason that they only made Record spindles (& not NR-type ones) for triples is that the Record bearing spacing is 5 mm wider than NR, so it can better handle that cantilevered load that's farther out to the right with a long triple spindle.

My guess also is that the 119 Phil will work, as long as you aren't using long cranks and don't have a real wide rear triangle or fat chainstays, and your arms aren't severely worn in the square tapers.... You'll probably need to run it off-center a bit to get enough room behind he 36-tooth chainring (depending on your indentation, if any, of the RH stay), but try to run it as far as you reasonably can to the left. Whew! Lots of variables here.


Greg Parker Ann Arbor, Michigan

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What's the closest BSC match to a 1974 campy triple bottom bracket, in the phil wood product line ?? Phil Wood & company isn't sure. They say, "pick the closest traditional BB that isn't campagnolo specific. our adjustable cups should do the rest."

Supposedly, the stock spindle of the old campy triple was 117 mm. however, campy was a little bit lazy in printing catalogue #17, and they used the same diagrams for the 112 double BB's and 117 triple BB's. Needless to say, the offsets on the 117mm triple BB add up to 112 mm. (http://www.campyonly.com/history/1974/triples.pdf).

I know that campy used thicker cups & lockrings by maybe 1 mm, so maybe a campy triple bottom brack is actually 117 R+6 ( = 112 + 2 mm for lockrings + an extra offset of 3mm) In that case, is a phil wood 119 R+4 the preferred bottom bracket? That would produce these distances from centerline of BB shell :
                  left right phil wood : 57.5 61.5 campy 3x ?? 55.5 61.5 are these estimates correct???? ------------------------------------------------ Don-
      Your hunch sounds correct to me. Interesting thing about Campy Record/NR triple BB axles is that they were solid and came with "thin-non-rifled" cups. Esentially the GS model is the exact same as the NR model except for the mat vs shiney finish--I only mention this because the GS is vastly cheaper than the NR model and performs EXACTLY like the NR. But back to the Phil Wood issue. I would expect your 119mm Phil Wood to work with no noticeable difference from a stock Campy. Also, the vagerities you mention in the Campy literature, I have found also. In fact, the last time I had a Campy NR triple axle, I measured it to be 118mm!! What can I say, its the gospel truth. Good luck and let us know what you finally decide upon. cheers-