Re: [CR]vintage bicycle studios

Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 14:55:54 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]vintage bicycle studios


Since I was too busy to get involved in (or even read) that discussion, I sort of don't know exactly what you mean; but I see the humor. Might as well use every trick in the book and every ounce of experience in our new venture. Our focus, beyond maintaining and improving our restoration quality, will be in cutting the delivery time down to a little as possible. Turn around time is about the only problem I've ever had. An effecient facility is extremely important. Originazation is essential. A blend of modern and old school techniques will be the order of the day at Vintage Cycle Studios.

Just wait and see what we do with the place. We have a very nice location and the building is laid out perfectly for our needs. I'm very excited.

Brian Baylis
Vintage Cycle Studios
El Cajon, CA

-- Grant McLean wrote:


I found the irony of your comment really quite humorous, given the long running discussion this week about old vs. new, and the proliferation of modern technology as applied to racing bicycles. I think the fact that you will be using a "state of the art" facility to restore vintage bikes is priceless!!

Grant McLean Toronto.Ca wrote: I'm SUPER excited about the new venture, and the future of the vintage cycle hobby for all of us will be very exciting. Our workshop will be "state of the art" (cut)