Dick Swann, was [CR]Campagnolo pista hubs....flange heights

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Subject: Dick Swann, was [CR]Campagnolo pista hubs....flange heights

Angel M Garcia wrote about Dick Swann, who worked at one time for Kopp's Cycles, Princeton, NJ, and copying Charlie Kuhn, who is the current proprietor that century-old shop (century has a double entendre, since Century Road Club of America (?) was home-based there).

I met Mr. Swann only once, when he returned to Princeton for a visit. I felt that his knowledge was the accumulated folk wisdom of the years, and never felt it had been compromised by observation or experiment -- those things weren't done. That's to suggest that not all the items listed by Angel would stand up today, but neither are all wrong -- but all would help the dealer sell more wheels.

respectfully, I hope, harvey sachs mcLean VA

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ In the small accumulated pile of stuff I have I found some articles on wheelbuilding by Dick Swann. My old-timer friend says he worked at one time for Kopps in Princeton, NJ, as a wheelbuilder and that he was English(?). I guess some here would know him? Here are some of the things he said (material is undated):

1) .....resilient small flanged wheels used by stage race riders differ greatly from the tied, large flanged wheels favored by hill climbers.... 2)....the very object of using a large flange hub is to stiffen the wheel.... 3.....Circuit races (crits, Kermesses, etc.): on small tight courses with many corners, it is best to use a large flange hub to steady the bike in the many (often sharp) corners. Also, with the numerous accelerations that must occur on such courses this large front hub wheel prevent wheel whip (me: what is wheel whip?!) 4) ...Timetrialing: do use small hubs for lightness and halving wind resistance.... 5)...Hillclimbing: The front wheel has to be extra strong; in some events the rider is off the saddle with his weight on the front wheel for up top 75% of the distance... 6)....Sprinting: Large or medium size hubs... 7)....Paced racing: use largest flanged hubs available... 8)....Track timetrialing: small flange hubs.... 9)....Team pursuiting: "heavy" large flanged wheels

for each of these categories he has suggestions for spoke counts, spoke gauges, when wheels should be tied and soldered, etc.

Angel Garcia Long Valley, NJ

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