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Subject: RE: [CR]BSA track hub question
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 18:23:55 -0700
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Hi Tom, My BSA front track hub has bearing seals, they are metal and it looks like they press into the hub. I have not overhauled this hub yet, so I have not removed the seals. I wouldn't be surprised if some track racers removed the seals to make the bearings easier to oil. chris ioakimedes Fairfax California

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I have a set of BSA track wheels; the rear flange is higher (larger diameter) than the front, though not nearly as high as a Campy hi-flange hub. The question, however, is about the front: were track hubs made so that there were no coverings for the bearings, or am I missing a piece (two pieces, I guess) that covers the bearings? The hub does not appear as if it is missing a piece or there is a place for a piece to fit on to cover the bearings. But the hub appears constructed so that the bearings are open though held in with the bearing race.

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