[CR]Kiwiwayne's Lightweight BICYCLE PARTS for sale current.

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Date: Thu, 20 May 04 15:34:34 +1200
From: "Wayne Davidson" <wayne.collect@xtra.co.nz>
To: "CR BIKE LIST" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Kiwiwayne's Lightweight BICYCLE PARTS for sale current.

Hi all, this is my current sales/trades list. Trades get first lookin. ALL PRICES IN US$ and do not include any postage pricing. Prices are for 1 unless otherwise stated. CASH payments can be made with either US$ AU$ £ ONLY. Payments can be made by the following methods PAYPAL, CASH will be given a 10% discount, Personal or Bank cheque no discount to cover fees, SORRY NO MONEY ORDERS. If you have any special P&P requirements PLMK so that this can be taken into acc when I come back to you with a total. I do keep this list uptodate. If I am unable to fill your order completely and you donot wish proceed PLMK. Most second hand parts SH, have been cleaned and checked, sometimes I run out of time to give them a decent clean and service. Please enclose your postal address with an order.....regards wayne :-)
>>WAYNE'S WANTS LIST>>. Would like items NOS, but if unable in VG/EX condition, LMK if you are able to supply a jpg.
>>BOOK/MAGS/BROCHURES ETC. Anything on Galli and Rigi, photocopies OK. Healing 12 speed brochure Morrison Monarch brochure
>>BOTTOM BRACKET. Campagnolo NR British threaded complete NICE cond please.
>>BRAKE PARTS. Campagnolo NR/SR adjusting screw #2009 2 of NOS only please. Campagnolo NR/SR adjusting nut #2007 NOS only please. Campagnolo NR/SR Inner friction washer #2015/1 or #2015 2 of NOS only please. Campagnolo NR/SR cable clamp washer #2004 1 of NOS only please. Camapgnolo NR/SR cable clamp #2013. Suntour superbe pro brakeshoe/holders/guides enough for 2 brakes NOS only please.
>>BRAKE LEVER PARTS. Galli hoods NOS pr only please.
>>CRANKARM LH ONLY. Galli Criterium strada 170mm #03020002. NOS ONLY PLEASE. 2 Galli alloy dust covers #03020008.
>>CRANKSET. Galli Super Criterium strada 170mm. I do have a 180 Campagnolo SR crankset for trade only on this item.
>>FREEWHEEL REMOVER. Regina freewheel remover finespline.
>>FRONT DERAILEUR. Gian Robert to suit a RIGI. Broken and parts OK. Gian Robert Competition front deraileur any condition or even parts.
>>REAR DERAILEUR PARTS. Campagnolo NR inner cage plate #815/A. Campagnolo Victory upper body bush #7116067. Campagnolo SR inner arm #7117019 NOS only please. Campagnolo SR return spring late model #7260060? NOS only please. Campagnolo NR/SR gear return spring screw #84 NOS only please. Huret Jubilee rear deraileur. 1X upper mounting bolt 1X upper spring 1X smooth jockey wheel & mounting bolt to suit.
>>HANDLEBAR. 3ttt Record competizione? from the 80's. The bigger the better, size wise. These are the bars that have the flattened/oval section on the top. Looking for a pair with the nice engraving in the centre section.
>>HEADSET. Galli taper roller bearing, all alloy road eng/italian threaded. Will take parts as well.
>>HUB. Campagnolo large flange rear road hub eng threading, prefer 32 hole but will take 36 hole, would prefer shell only but would take complete hub, if a shell can be damaged on the LHS flange as only need a good RH flange.
>>QUICK RELEASE. Campagnolo curved lever front either modern ( Athena? ) real nice condition preferred.
>>SALES/TRADES LIST>>. NOS = New old stock. SH = Second hand, sometimes I have had a chance to clean, dissmantle and reassemble, sometimes not. All are usable, rubbish is thrown out. Factory part# & descriptions used where able.
>BOTTOM BRACKET CUPS. BBC1001. Campagnolo Super Record French thread cupset, no lockring. NOS. $25.00 BBC1002. Campagnolo SR/C Record ENGLISH adjustable cup. SH. $8.90
>BOTTOM BRACKET LOCKRINGS. BBL1001. Alloy OMAS copies IT threaded #140. Single NEW. $8.90 BBL1002. Alloy OMAS copies IT threaded #140. Single NEW. $8.90
>BRAKE PARTS. BRP1076. Campagnolo SR Brev LH brakeshoe all hardware no block nut rough. NOS. $8.90 BRP1102. OMAS alloy Campagnolo replacement nut Silver mounting #169. NOS. $3.00 BRP11053. OMAS alloy Campagnolo replacement nut Silver mounting #169. NOS. $3.00 BRP1104. OMAS alloy Campagnolo replacement nut silver domed front nut Campagnolo #2016 OMAS #168. NOS. $3.00 BRP1105. OMAS alloy Campagnolo replacement nut silver domed front nut Campagnolo #2016 OMAS #168. NOS. $3.00
>CHAINRING BOLTS. CHB1034. Sugino silver alloy nut. SH. $1.50 CHB1035. Sugino silver alloy nut. NOS. $4.00 CHB1036. Sugino silver alloy nut. NOS. $4.00 CHB1037. Sugino silver alloy nut. NOS. $4.00 CHB1038. Sugino silver alloy nut. NOS. $4.00
>REAR DERAILEUR HARDWARE. RDP1068. Unknown alloy copy Campagnolo lower bolt #811/A silver. NOS. $11.11
>FREEWHEEL & PARTS. FRW1006. OMAS freewheel spacer. NOS. $5.00
>HEADSET. HST1001. Galli Black plastic/alloy tapered roller bearing ROAD ENG BOXED. NOS. $55.60
>HEADSET HARDWARE. HPX1008. Campagnolo SR top cone #4045. NOS. $13.30 HPX1009. Campagnolo SR top race Italian thread #4044. Take off. $15.60 HPX1010. Campagnolo SR alloy spacer. NOS. $12.00
>PEDALS. ALL PEDALS 9/16 BSF UNLESS SPECIFIED. PED1002. Campagnolo SR Pista with NOS GPM dustcaps, the usual wear on cage plates. SH. $75.00
>PEDAL PARTS. PEP1016. Campagnolo SR pedal cone #4027. NOS. $9.50
>SEATPOST HARDWARE. SPH1020. OMAS silver alloy nut/bolt for campagnolo NR #163. NOS pr. $20.00
>TOECLIPS. TCP1001. ALE small black dural. SH. $6.70 TCP1002. ALE small black dural. NOS Boxed. $22.25 TCP1006. Brunetti black alloy drilled size M. 1 only NOS. $2.00 TCP1007. Mira black alloy size LL. 1 only SH. $1.00

Wayne Davidson P.O.Box 6084 Invercargill 9530 NEW ZEALAND. I am a 41 yr old Single, Diesel mechanic, who is a collector of italian bicycle parts & proud owner of a KLEIN Quantum & a Rigi road bicycle. If you are interested in trading/buying '70's/'80's Italian bike parts contact me. Creator of http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Italian_bicycles E-MAIL wayne.collect@xtra.co.nz Phone# on request only. This has been processed on a BlackMac or Powerbook.