Re: [CR]Suntour / Berto's theory

Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 15:33:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: Harris <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Suntour / Berto's theory
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It was that way here as well.Here,some of the shops were using Suntour as warranty replacements for Simplex.And almost every Raleigh Gran Sport I ever saw had this change.The 2 I helped people bring home had this done within 2 weeks in 1 case(complaint solution).The other guy did himself in 6 months.The one I found in the landfill here a couple of years ago ditto.Point?None really,that is just the way it was.Suntour made excellent derailleurs and gear.A lot of Valentino bikes got the same treatment,probably for the same reason.Suntour was superior to that stuff too. Record/Nuovo Record & Super too?On what it was designed for,an excellent durable great shifting piece.But it was not intended for 32 tooth cogs.Corn cobs? 13 -23's?Absolutely.Yes. Harris Spracher Waynesboro,Va.
    Just about every simplex derailleur shipped in the 1970's was eventually replaced by a Suntour. I remember that Simplex prestige cost $4.95 and Suntour VGT was $12.95. Yes, a VGT sold at a bargain price, but then again, it had to replace a device that was already working (just not working as well as possible). As a kid in the 1970's, $12 - $15 was about all that I could bear for an upgrade like this. - Don Gillies San Diego, CA