Re: [CR]Pic of the Day 21st May Quentins terrible chute

To: (Classic Rendezvous)
Subject: Re: [CR]Pic of the Day 21st May Quentins terrible chute
Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 21:09:59 +0000

Peter in response to Aldo's newest photo queried:
> Two pics that go together. French rider Maurice Quentin (Ile de France)
> crashed-out near the finish of the 3rd stage, 1951 TdF. He visited with the
> riders before the start on stage 4, a frightening array of bandages on
> elbows, brow, nose, chin, knees...
> Pic #1:
> Pic #2:
> The guy on the right is a French policeman, correct?
> How about the other one? Army?
> If so was it common back then for them to use the army to assist in the
> race?
> I'm assuming it's all done by the police today, but maybe that's not a valid
> assumption.

I believe the fellow on the right is a gendarme which I have always been told is actually a paramilitary force under the command of the military, so not to be compared with the police as we know them in the US. Today, the tour has participation of at least three levels of 'police' control: local police, gendarmes and C.R.S.

Steven Maasland
Moorestown, NJ