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Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 20:10:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Harris" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Favorite parts
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It is only the "non-Campagnolo folks"that spend much time putting down the choices of others. Enjoy what you choose,and let the others worry with it(be happy). Harris Spracher,Waynesboro Va.

Wayne Davidson <> wrote: Hi all, some of my favourite bike parts are as below.......

3ttt semi aero style handlebars, I love them for riding as I use the tops, and the tops of these bars are flattened for a more aero style but they also have a comfort level not obtained by round bars.

3ttt 2002 stem, just love the opening stem, nice than the Cinelli one I feel.

3ttt mod 78, nice to look at for a non opening stem

Cinelli XA stem, nice to look at.

Galli Criterium & Super criterium BB, sure they may need a little more work when installing, and require a little bit more servicing, but knowing that there are tapered roller bearings down there instead of balls gives me a little bit more of security as far as durability goes, I guess that also comes from my job as a diesel mechanic and what I have learned over the years. I guess similar statement could apply to their headsets.

Galli C & SC cranksets, typical of Galli is the nice finish and anodising that they are known for, my Rigi has a Criterium one and one day I hope to get a SC for it, just love to have those slotted spider arms, have not bought myself to slot the spider arms on a criterium crank, they could fail due to both my weight and the weakness incurred, the SC spider arms are larger in comparison to compensate for the reduced material. Early Galli cranks and also the likes of OMAS were all just Campagnolo copies, but the cranks as listed above have a much nicer shape around where the spider meets the crank, with the KL series etc they lost the plot, the shape just got to smooth and lacked charactor.

Modolo brakes, one bike has Master pro and the other has professional, always love those brakes, esp, when fitted with sintered blocks, harder on rims but better braking has to come at some cost.

Campagnolo NR seatpost, I just love them, easy to setup and can be altered as far as weight reduction goes, with out losing strength goes, alloy parts abound, either from OMAS or some clone with alloy brackets and clamps go.

Even thou I do love Italian componets one has to be realistic and admit that either the french, British or Japanese have made some nice items........

Suntour Superbe rear deraileur, even thou I currently don't have abike with one mounted to it, I always have said it was the best shifting RD I have ever used, I had a Shogun with one back in the early-mid 80's.

Mavic 271 or 371? pedals, have never given me any problems, even with a slight lack of maintaince.

Mavic rims, used them many times with no problems, wether GP4 of Mach 2 cd.

Mavic hubs, 550 or 556, I can't remember which one has the freewheel side bearing further out, but other then that one was polished the other anodised, I have had both & I am sure the ones on my Klein are the better ones, as the Alan I sold had the cheaper ones, not that the price difference was that much, considering the date difference. I am sure both had alloy parts on the q/r, but I could be wrong, don't get the q/r levers wet, they rust real easy. These have nice thick flanges also, I have never needed to perform any maintaince on any of these hubs, much underrated.

TA pedals, model unknown, but you know the ones, they have needle bearings, gease nipple fitting on dustcap and replacable cages, the only reason mine where replaced was that at the time the LBS were unable to get a body when I was involved in a car vs bike crash, and the Alan came out 2nd best.

At the end of the day I feel this is enough of a list, many might think to much of a list, some may think to much Galli, or to much Mavic, and most likely many will think not enough Campagnolo, but we are all different, but I will look forward to reading the future postings on this subject......regards wayne davidson invers NZ........ _______________________________________________

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