Re: [CR]Shipping vintage goods to Canada...

To: (Classic Rendezvous)
Subject: Re: [CR]Shipping vintage goods to Canada...
Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 04:46:01 +0000

> Are there any issues doing this? I haven't done it before. Seems like it
> should be easy but what I am overlooking. This would be a frameset. Should it be
> sent by Postal Service or UPS or FedEx?

Be forewarned as well that if you ship something to Canada with Fedex or UPS and the recipient does not pay the duty, you as the sender will be hit. I sent a frame to Canada and Fedex 'attempted' to collect the duty owed (they supposedly sent a letter asking the addressee for payment, but the addressee denies this to be true). When their letter did not draw a response, they immediately came after me and debited it to my account. Luckily the addressee was an honorable fellow and refunded the cost to me. Another hint, send the package surface mail and it will cost much less and get there just as fast as airmail.

Steven Maasland
Moorestown, NJ