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Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 18:54:50 -0700
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Subject: [CR] Re: Favorite parts

oh, i cant resist...

parts i look at and drool (ever growing list):

oh, whaddya know, ive got a little web page devoted to this subject!


parts i use and love love love:

campagnolo barend shifters/suntour power ratchet barend shifters - the campy cause theyre just so simple, the suntour cause theyre just that one notch nicer, all that a barend shifter needs to ever be, as far as im concerned...

brooks b17n/b17/b15 saddles while they still had the rounded inserts in the saddlebag loops rather than them being just stamped out of sheet steel

sturmey archer aw 3 speed hubs, pre 70s, or whenever it was that the planets stopped having the nice bevel on the edge of the gear. i dont know if its just my imagination or not, but the later minus-a-step-in-machining planets just dont seem to run as smooth...

fb and campy steel center high-flange track hubs. MAN these things are smooth. ill take my fbs in a "whose hub will spin free longer" contest over just about anything.

modolo/mavic/etc brake levers - i think this is one of those things you either love or dont. i like the curve of these levers way better than campys, its just one of those things.

mafac cantilevers - simple, and work way better than many people give them credit for.

silca frame pumps with campy heads. ive never needed more. sure they can be a bit fragile, but they work, and you can rebuild them. im a sucker for that.

plain binda toestraps. im still not convinced the extras are better :)

anything ta, but you knew that :)

theres some other stuff, but its ot...

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