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Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 12:01:47 +0100
Subject: [CR]Re: Eddy Merckx Replica frame

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This item might, but there again, might not outside the List's timescale...

There's a new monthly magazine on the shelves of France's "tabacs" and "Presse" shops - it's called "L'Acheteur Cycliste". It's not unlike many of the pretty good monthlys available to the amateur peloton over there but it has what is known as a "plus!", something that other mags just don't have, a type of edge towards helping its readers buy the most for the bucks (sorry, Euros).

The feature invites retailers to provide details of any stock that they wish to move on, particularly frames and bikes, at BIG discounts. Each month features different area(s) of France.

In the April edition featuring shops in the area around Le mans, NW of Paris, one shop Cycles Fourmond, of Le Mans, is offering several Merckx frames, such as the Strada from 1996, with its red/mid blue/silver livery. It is also clearing a Merckx "Molteni" replica -hence the time-line for the LIst -.

The frame was a special edition model; it is a 55cms, and made from Columbus SLX. Clearly it is just one of Merckx's current models for 1996, sprayed over in the very familiar orange enamel with the blue and yellow decals. Unfortunately the fork doesn't have the "De Rosa" type flat crown, and there are the modern Merckx logos on the top-eyes, crown etc.

At 548 euros the dealer is knocking off 20%, but having had it in stock some while I reckon he would be open to offers "... for you, Monsieur!"

Uugghh! just noticed that it has a brazed-on front mech boss.

The shop's tel No is 02 43 28 97 43.

Just a thought as it is a long time since I last bought a Merckx, way back in the 80s - didn't he or perhaps all the Begian builders have a peculiar way of measuring the length of the seat tube? Dealers over here were told to measure from the top ie outer shell of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat lug not C-to-C, or cnetre-to-top.

Norris Lockley ..wishing "bonnes Affaires" to all you Merckx fans.

The shop's number is 02 43 28 97 43