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From: "Garrison Hilliard" <garrison@efn.org>
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Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 01:39:34 +0000
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Subject: [CR]Re: Classicrendezvous Digest, Vol 17, Issue 114

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>Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 15:21:02 -0700
>From: David Cowie <recycle@wmni.net>
>To: "classicrendezvous@bikelist.org" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
>Subject: [CR]FS, NOS, NIB Raleigh Super Tourer 23-1/2"
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>Offered for the first time in 30 yrs. Brand new old stock Raleigh Super
>Tourer, 23-1/2" DL-135 , 531 frame, Mink / Silver, Huret Jubilee der.,
>TA crankset, full fenders and Randonneur bars, Brooks saddle. A real
>classic beautifully made . This model was only offered for a short time,
>very rare in box, never assembeled $1,400 includes insured delivery in
>48 states.
>David Cowie
>Sutherlin, Oregon

I don't care... overprice your shite elsewhere.

p.s. Yes, I know what you're offering isof value, but just NOT that value.