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Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 20:22:45 -0500

I had a Fiamme stem that took 7mm. Drove me nuts when I tried to work on it. And I had to buy a whole set of wrenches to get a 7.

Tom Adams, Shrewsbury NJ

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Subject: [CR]older TTT bars and stems...

Ann Phillips wrote about a Bianchi Speciallisimo:

The bike gods dropped one of these into my lap today at work. I'll post some pictures of it over the weekend, but here are some interesting things I noticed about it. I've had it in my possession about an hour.

<snip> It has a no date Campagnolo Strada crankset, in 170, Campagnolo pedals, Campagnolo front derailleur, a TTT bar and stem of an age I've not seen before, <snip>


I have memories in the mid-sixties of being in Houston and trying to help a friend remove a TTT (or Ambrosio?) stem. The ones of that era used a 7 mm. allen key, not a 6. It was a long evening.

harvey sachs
McLean VA