[CR]Raleigh Team frame ID / info

From: "matt memory" <mattymem@hotmail.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 23:08:59 +1000
Subject: [CR]Raleigh Team frame ID / info

Hi all

I have recently picked up a Raleigh Team 753 with Campag SR components and I was hoping that the combined knowledge of the list could help me piece together some idea of how well matched the frame and conmponents are (ie - could they have been assembled from a mixture of parts, or would this be a complete bike sold with this groupset). And possibly a year of manufacture for the frame.

Firstly the frame - painted in the TI Raleigh team red/black/yellow with what looks like standard decalling. Seat tube has a "Reynolds 753 frame tubes, fork blades and stays" sticker, top of fork blades have decals with the "TI" logo in two rings and each chainstay has an ovalised "Raleigh Ilkeston England Specialised Bicycle Developments" decal about a third of the way from the BB.

It has fairly plain lugs with no cutouts and drilled dropouts, the fork dropouts are stamped "BREV CAMPAGNOLO", the rear dropouts are not stamped and have the adjusters with plastic "wing nuts". BB is stamped 55 on the bottom non-drive side (frame size in cm), SB3590 on the bottom drive side and the initials RGF inside an oval stamped on the top of the BB on the non drive side. I believe that the SB indicates that the frame was made at Ilkeston, but can anybody shed light on what the numbers 3590 (maybe just a sequential production number) and what the initials RGF mean? Can we determine a year of manufacture from this info?

I'll briefly skim over the confusing thing about the groupset which is that some parts are stamped PATENT and others are stamped BREV. The headset cups have BREV and the headset locknut has PATENT. The BB cups have BREV, the crankbolts and dustcovers have PATENT. Do I have a mixture of bits and pieces that have been put together to complete a groupset or did Campagnolo mix these stampings within the same group?

Any thoughts or definitive answers appreciated.

Many thanks.

Matt Memory
Bris Vegas