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Subject: Re: [CR]Brooks Protective Underwear?
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 17:32:58 -0400

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Subject: [CR]Brooks Protective Underwear?

> Ahoy!
> A short while ago, a lister mentioned that Messrs. Brooks manufactured an under-saddle guard for the purpose of protecting the saddle from debris, especially in applications where no mud-guards were fitted.
> Can anyone point to a graphic of this device?
> Thanks.


Take a look at the Brooks archives:

The saddle undershield will be in most of the 1950s catalogues for sure.. possibly earlier but I am not sure when it was introduced.

I never understood the point of it having always ridden machines with mudguards until I rode my Raleigh Competition GS after a shower. Yuck! So very handy indeed but I think no longer offered.

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