Re: [CR]NR/SR differences and price check

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Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2004 17:59:50 -0400
From: Peter Jon White <>
To: Morgan Fletcher <>
Subject: Re: [CR]NR/SR differences and price check
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Morgan Fletcher wrote:
> I am not very knowledgeable about the differences between Campagnolo Nuovo
> Record and Super Record componentry. Looking at these two pages from the
> same Bianchi catalog:
> They look very similar to each other. I see a difference at the rear
> derailleur, and I'd expect the front derailleur on the Super Leggera to
> have some black anodized parts if SR. What am I missing?
> Is $275 a good price for a Tipo Corsa? To be very honest, I'm interested in
> it only for its parts.

Super Record had titanium bottom bracket and pedal axles, NR had steel axles. The SR chainrings were relieved of the inner ring of aluminum. The SR brake levers had holes drilled before the flat sheet of aluminum was formed into the lever shape. The SR seat post had flutes and some of the hardware in the clamp was aluminum rather than steel. SR derailleurs had some black anodizing and there was a second generation of rear derailleur with different pulley plate geometry. The front derailleurs were structurally identical. The first production run of SR hubs was supposed to have had titanium axles, but it's not clear if they ever got to market. They were listed in the catalog with titanium axles. All the SR groups I ever saw had Record hubs. The SR bottom bracket cups were aluminum with inserted steel races, NR was all steel. SR bottom brackets used 7/32" ball bearings, NR used 1/4". The SR headsets were also aluminum with inserted steel races, NR was all steel. Brake calipers, crank arms, shift levers, seat post binder bolt and QRs were the same. There were some aluminum toe clips for the SR group.

I think that covers the differences. Don't know about prices.

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