Re: re [CR]'753 Renovated'

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Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 20:33:32 +0100
From: Joss Winn <>
To: Steve Kurt <>
Subject: Re: re [CR]'753 Renovated'
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Thanks, Steve.

I had emailed the seller and he said it has a sticker with Reynolds 753 Renovated on the seat tube. He appears to know nothing about the bike or any renovation other than that it 'looks like new'.

I'll contact the seller again for more info.

Joss Berkhamsted, UK

On Thu, Jun 03, 2004 at 02:01:57PM -0500, Steve Kurt wrote:
> From: Joss Winn <>
> "I am going to build up a singlespeed road bike from odd parts and
> have my eye on a frame on eBay (#3680526193). Can anyone comment on
> this frame and in particular, the sticker which reads 'Reynold 753
> Renovated'. The seller knows nothing about the frame but says the
> sticker on the seat tube has that on it.
> Also, ever heard of a frame builder called 'GOD or G.O. Donovan'?"
> Hi Joss,
> The auction doesn't mention a sticker containing the word "renovated".
> Instead, it says the frame was renovated. I wonder how extensive the
> renovation was??
> I think you'd want some detailed pictures in order to determine the
> frame's condition. When purchasing a frame via the web, I usually like to
> get detailed shots of any damage to paint or decals. It's nice to get a
> shot that might show if forks or the downtube are bent or bowed.
> G.O. Donovan is probably refering to Gerald O'Donovan. He was the head
> of Raleigh's Ilkston facility, where they built the Team bikes. These
> bikes often had a serial number stamped on the bottom bracket shell. The
> number had the format of "SBxxxx", where four digits followed the letters
> SB. Folklore says that SB stands for Special Build. These were pretty
> darned nice frames.
> If this frame was built as one of the Team frames, it seems odd for it
> to have mudguard eyelets front and rear. Might have been part of the
> renovation, maybe?
> Ask the seller for more pics and any info available. Nicks, dings,
> markings, dimensions, etc. It's all handy to have.
> Steve Kurt
> Peoria, IL
> (where I have a nice Raleigh Team bike in my hallway)