Re: [CR]E-bay Pog, is it the real deal? real scmheal, real BS!!

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Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2004 19:23:13 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]E-bay Pog, is it the real deal? real scmheal, real BS!!

Bob- Thank you for an alternate point of view. At the heart of my original post is the essence of what you are communicating: "Lets not go lock-step like sheep to the slaughter because one person says a bike is worthy/unworthy". I haven't the foggiest idea if the Pog on ebay was Sante's, Santa's, or Sinbad's. But its not that big of deal to me. And btw, I like Pogs!!! cheers to all Dave Anderson Cut Bank MT

In a message dated 6/4/04 10:24 PM PST, writes: This may burst some peoples' bubble about "real" Pogliaghis, but I sold a bunch of them in 1980-83 when I worked at de la Rosa and Kolin's Northwest Cycle. They had a connection to Sante himself from putting him in their book (The Custom Bicycle), so were able to get some of the last to be made when he was still at the helm. And maybe his standards had dropped, but those were some of the crappiest frames I ever sold. Some had their seat stay caps on upside down, so you had to screw your head around to read the engraved signature. Some track bikes had to have their seat stay bridges indented so even a skinny tire would clear. Alignment was terrible. They had to all be reamed and faced. Ugly finish work around the dropouts and lugs. Paint was the worst. To their credit, I still see some of those bikes around, on the track and road so at least they built them strong. I am sure there were some nice Pogs made, but these were not them. And FWIW, the ebay one is most definitely not a Sante-built. Too nice! Besides, and correct me if I'm wrong, but SLX tubing was not yet out while he was still making frames.

Bob Freeman