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> This could could be for the dynamo (generator). Some types had the lamp
> attached to the dynamo, so the dynamo is usually on the right fork, since of
> course the Brits ride on the left side of the road.
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Oddly, it was not mandated by the MoT to have cycle lamps on the righthand side until 1949. Prior to this cycles had the lamp brackets on the lefthandside. Why? Apparently club riders preferred to illuminate the side of the road rather than the middle of it. Helpful for spotting badgers ready to make a beeline from hedgerows I guess. By the late 1940s being seen by oncoming motor traffic was more important.

Thus if you have a '48 Clubman or RRA, you'll have (or have to find) rare lefthand brackets. RRA's had pegs on both fork blades but not Clubmans.

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