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I agree with Chuck .

And sometimes the handlebar was even lower , and wider , allowing the hand-grips to pass just outside the knees .

The idea was that you could really pull up HARD with your hands and arms , while you really pushed down HARD with your feet and legs , all in one straight vertical line .

It made a lot of sense . The position was just like lifting two really heavy buckets .

But despite the sense it made , there were better ways of doing it .

For one thing , massive amounts of strength , at slow crank speeds , is brutal abuse on the knees .

And the better ways of positioning a human on a racing bicycle also avoided giving you round shoulders !

Raoul Delmare
Marysville Kansas

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> Sam Lingo sent link :
> Zimmy's position on his bike looks bazaar to modern eyes, but if you can
> picture him on a high wheel (an Ordinary) you can see where his position
> evolved from (in my opinion).
> Chuck Schmidt
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