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Does anyone have any thoughts on this frame? (see ebay no. below)

I've asked the

owner/seller but he doesn't know much about it only that when it was

sold to him he was told it was stainless steel.

Any guesses at it's age? It's the size I'm looking for but I've no

idea what it's worth. How is stainless steel for frame building?

eBay # 3681087338




UK >>


I suspect this frame is actually Columbus SL or similar polished tubing then clear lacquered.

My old shop and sponsor; Tumbleweed Cyclery sold many of these as the rep lived in town.

I thought they were very plain, everyone else called them beautiful. Crescent of Scandinavia used Stainless tubing but was not well known at the time.

Stainless is a wonderful material in many ways. Our shop imports Alex Moulton cycles which offer many stainless models, a beautiful thing. I have a couple and love them very much.

Yours in Cycling,

Gilbert Anderson

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