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Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 21:31:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jay Van De Velde <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Gloria italian classic frames... photo archive
To: Norris Lockley <>,
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Here's a link to photos of several different Glorias, including an earlier model without the ornate lug pattern one associates with Gloria. One bike still has its decals(transfers) intact, albeit in less than pristine condition. More photos of that particular bike are available, let me know if you desire other shots. To view the photos, copy and paste this email address into the "Visit Albums" box at the website linked below:

Jay Van De Velde Seal Beach,CA

Norris Lockley <> wrote: My first Ebay purchase some three years ago was a small track frame, advertised as "..of Italian manufacture". From the sellers' other auctions I deduced that he had dismantled a track bike and sold off the bits. My frame duly arrived... looking very worse for wear. Definitely a track frame but through the "shake and rattle" spray job I could see evidence of gears having been used, even a front mech.
>From first glances the frame looked nothing like any Italian frame I had ever seen.. and I've got more than a few in my stash. The round blades in their twin-plate fork crown shouted "Hetchins" or some other English hand-built of the 50s. The very elaborate "swirly" lugs had that 100% English look too. But the way the builder had put in the very non-English track ends spelt out Italian. The seat cluster was 150% Italian, as was the way the frame number had been stamped on to the seat tube. The bracket was without a doubt Italian threaded.

Stumped as to what I had bought I sought advice from friends and collectors.. and sent photos to the V.C.C. magazine, but no one could tell me the brand of the bike. the only help that I got was some advice that, after the WW2, when frame parts were in short supply, some English builders manged to get some Italian parts. A plausible story, but it did not explain away the rear triangle, the seat cluster and the number.

That frame is still hanging on a nail somewhere in my attic, discarded.. at least I hope so.

Earlier today I was browsing on various websites and stumbled into "Vintagevelos".. and into their archive material. and there is my frame, although in road-racing guise.. and all satin nickel plate.. none other than a Gloria, from what I can make out from the photos of the elaborate lugwork.

But I need more.. so is there anyone out there with any photos, pictures of decals ..or WHY? I'd be incredibly grateful for any help tto confirm my findings.

Norris Lockley.. semi-jubilant in Settle, UK