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It brought tear to my eyes to read Martin Coopeland's call to WR Yorkshiremen. it's long gone though the West Riding.. since 1974 I think.

Anyhow the answer is "Yes" I was actually born in Huddersfield and lived there until 1961, having membership of theColne Valley Wheelers and of the Huddersfield Road Club at the same time as Brian Robinson ( of St Raphael - Geminiani / TdF fame) and his brother Des ( who was a better rider than Brian!). Actually trained on the "chain gang" with them every Tuesday and Thursday evenings for three or four years.

And I knew "Rhubarb " Wilkinson form Lindley - bought my first Paris and Rensch frames off him. He must have been knocking on in the 80s if he traded until then, because he semed like an old codger in the 50s. A few years ago about 1998 I did a nostalgic tour around Huddersfield and called in on "Rhubarbs" but all the buildings had gone, being replaced by middle class houses.

As I recall Rhubarb's was not so much a shop, as a workshop housed in some old wooden sheds.. He was " a Leaguer" had bikes with Osgears on, sold little cotton caps... very very idiosyncratic place. But maybe it had changed by the time Martin was there.

About 100 yards from where I am sitting now lives "Rhubarb's" nephew, a former member also of the "Road Club", and now like me a member of the Settle http://www. - "WorldWideWheelers" If you contact me off List we can reminisce.. and maybe find out about "Rhubarb's" name.

Norris Lockley.. just pondering on glories that might have been..Wish on.. Settle UK