Re: [CR]Pic of the Day 11th June Bobet's Campy/Simplex mix

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Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 12:50:02 -0800
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Pic of the Day 11th June Bobet's Campy/Simplex mix
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Jan Heine wrote:
> (cut)
> On your web site, you mention that many bikes in 1951 had the quick
> release lever on the driveside. Any reason for this, except maybe so
> that it would show up in photos right next to the other Campagnolo
> product, the new GS derailleur? (cut)
>From 1933 (Tullio's invention of QR) to the early '50s and the introduction of the Gran Sport derailleur the QR lever was always on the drive side in the back and the opposite side at the front because normally things are designed to be operated by the right hand.

Campagnolo catalogs up through the mid '80s have a chain line diagram with the QR lever on the drive side.

The only reason this changed in the first years of the GS derailleur ('51 intro) was because it was found that a wheel change could be made faster with the QR positioned on the non drive side as it didn't interfere with the derailleur.

Interesting idea though, trying to group the Campagnolo products around the then new GS derailleur. Here's the product line up in 1951: 1951 Catalog Un-Numbered (both Cognin, France and Vincenza, Italy addresses on cover). Included are the Cambio Corsa, Tipo Paris-Roubaix, Gran Sport front and rear derailleurs, Sport front derailleur (no rear version), bar end shifters (no rubber covers) and downtube shift levers (twin band clamp, hexhead bolt friction adjuster, full length cable housing and braze on version shown), small flange three-piece hubs (alloy flanges pressed onto a steel barrel, QRs with "D" ring), Cambio Corsa/Paris-Roubaix toothed dropouts, Cambio Corsa/ Paris-Roubaix with integral derailleur hanger, Gran Sport dropouts with adjusters, Sport dropouts, "H" tool, dishing tool, freewheel remover, cone wrenches and a fixture that accurately locates the toothed dropouts during frame building.

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