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I went back and checked - under Viking on the CR web site is a Viking brochure from the 70's after the move to Londonderry stating that the bikes are designed by Harry Quinn. The photos of the bikes look very much like Harry Quinn models from the same era.

The brochure also has some slightly deceptive language in stating the bikes are "Hand Crafted in Great Britain", although made in Londonderry. I thought the official phrase was "The United Kingdom of Great Britain AND Northern Ireland. Thus a bike made in Northern Ireland would be from the United Kingdom, but NOT from Great Britain. Can the Brits on the list correct me on that point?


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> I don't have any information that Harry Quinn built for Viking. I show that Harry Quinn lived in Liverpool, quite a distance from Wolverhampton. I also show that Harry Quinn Cycles started in the early 1900s, but I don't have any better information on whether or not there were other "Harry Quinn" builders. I believe the move to Londonerry came about 1967, so any early 60s Viking would not have been connected to the Londonerry production period. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL