Re: [CR]S-A Hub Identification, Please?

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Subject: Re: [CR]S-A Hub Identification, Please?
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 19:58:03 -0700

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Subject: re: [CR]S-A Hub Identification, Please?

> Jason:
> Thanks.
> The "91 - 4" stamping is the date, then?.......
> Good to know what it is. Now I can research ratios. Ratia?

Richard Cielec:
> OK, now we're talking. Typical biker scenario. Have one little bit so, need to build up an entire bike from it. Not unlike archeology when a fleck of dinosaur is developed into a behemoth skeleton.

That's paleontology, though archaeology does the same thing; they just use pottery. And since I've been bit by the Sturmey-Archer bug that "typical biker scenario" has reared it's twisted-round-backwards head. I've had to find a frame for my ASC, a frame for my AM, and now one for my FM(hint hint). But soon I'll be done, really!

Craig Montgomery formerly archaeological surveyor and presently searcher of old frames for old parts in Tucson