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Subject: Re: [CR]Re: mid 70's Pinarello decals
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 13:24:31 -0400

I just purchased a Pinarello Treviso frame whose finish is pretty beat but I liked the look of the frame (both the craftmanship and the what little is left of the graphics) so I got it. It looks mid '70's. Has no top tube cable clips. Has braze-on shifters, braze-on derailleur cable guides on top of the BB, short campy rear dropouts, chrome semi-sloping fork crown with Pt logo on top and GPT engraved chrome seatstay caps. Long point Prugnat(?) lugs. Some lug cutouts detailed in yellow. The usual Pinarello headbadge. Whats left of the down tube decal is not like the '80's lettering I'm used to seeing. On this one - its gold letters with black outlining in a more classic blocky with serif letter style - not compressed like the '80's syle. It looks very nice to my eye and is part of why I like the bike.

Does anyone know any more about Pinarello's of this vintage/style and where I might be able to find decals for this frame? I have some pics from the seller if that would help. I don't have the frame in hand yet.

Thanks in advance,

Roman Stankus in Atlanta, Ga. where I just finished the maiden ride of my newly built-up +/- '85 De Rosa - great fun!

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> http://www.cyclingnews has some nice pictures of classic Pinarellos.
> I bellissimi specialissimi della marca Trevigiana