[CR]Frejus Questions

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From: Hughethornton@aol.com
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 06:51:30 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Frejus Questions

I recently acquired an old Frejus with an assortment of old and newer equipment and would appreciate guidance on what would be appropriate to this machine when I give it a much-needed restoration (it doesn't have original paint and equipment, so there is no reason to leave it in its current tatty state)

The frame number is 032585. The Classic Rendezvous site would indicate that dates it in the 1950s, but I would be a it surprised if it were later than 1950. Anyone know for sure? The headbadge has a white background and just says Frejus Torino, so there are no date clues there. Underneath the bracket is stamped TdF, which I take to be the model, and 56, which I take to be the size (the previous owner took it to be the year of manufacture, but its design looks significantly older). The frame has braze-ons for Simplex rear gear lever, rear gear cable and rear brake cable. The rear dropout has a hanger for Simplex derailleur. If it ever had a front derailleur, I presume that it would have been the wobbly Simplex one (when were they introduced and for how long?)

The rear derailleur is Simplex TdF 4spd x 3/32 chain. (is this a dating clue? I can't imagine anyone going for a 4-speed when 5 was available). The gear lever is bronze, not the later alloy. The rear hub is FB small flange 3-piece with nuts (original?). The front is Campagnolo Gran Sport quick-release (later?). The saddle is an old Swallow, that might originally have been on the bike, on top of a steel post. The cranks, brakes, 'bars and stem are a mish-mash of newer parts -- what would be appropriate to fit in their place?.

On a more general note, does anyone have any information on which years Frejus bikes were raced professionally and what successes they had?

I shall be grateful for all and any information.
Hugh Thornton
Cheshire, UK