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We sometimes forget that "in the day" guys changed out parts a lot to get "cooler" stuff, especially since most of us couldn't afford the number of complete bikes we have now. I changed out the Simplex derailleurs on my UO-8 for Shimano Titlist, the Mafac Racer brakes on my LeJeune F-70 for original Dura-Ace SP's (using a Campy drop bolt), and most the original Campy NR parts on my Windsor Pro for Avocet and Shimano stuff including a DA AX RD. The latter two have been restored to closer to original, but the UO-8 I sold. Point is that to be authentic, a bike need not be original, since so many had pieces changed soon after purchase. That's why I'm more concerned about period correct than about original.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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> Richard M Sachs wrote:
> >
> > i was in the habit of jetisoning ANYTHING that was
> > replaced by a "newer" version. i mean, who the
> > f$(&^% wanted any of that dated campagnolo stuff
> > on their modern bicycles?
> > e-RICHIE
> > klatu barata nikta
> > chester, ct
> Some of the stuff I did to my bikes when they were still somewhat new
> (not considered vintage like now) was done for aesthetic reasons. I
> liked the original flat QR cam levers and the straight wheel QRs levers
> and the black hoods. Didn't care if it was dated or not back then. I
> just switch the stuff around to my liking. Usually changed or modifying
> the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) mandated stuff from '78.
> Everything was modern at some point but the aesthetics didn't always
> improve for the better (but mostly for the better I'd add).
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