[CR]Falck (Falk) Tubing

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Another article in the latest Vintage Bicycle Quarterly is about Nelson Miller's 1961 Olmo De Luxe bicycle. It had Falck tubing. Interestingly, Olmo was using both Columbus and Falck as late as 1982. I also show Falck spelled Falk in the Used Bike Buyers Guide. In the archives, there are quotes of tube decals with both spellings. I show models made of this tubing by Gloria, DeBernardi, Velo Etruria, Ciocc, Fiorelli, Frejus, & Olmo and the archives add Ochsner and Legnano. I show Falck tubing being used as late as 1994 by DeBernardi. A search of the archives shows a message from Fred Rednor where he mentions that Ochsner was importing frames with Falk tubing in the 80s. http://www.falckacciai.it/eng/frames/frame-01.htm website says that the correct spelling is Falck. But, it doesn't show bicycle tubing. Anyone know whether or not Falck still makes bicycle tubing and if not, when they went out of business? Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

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