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From: "Doug Van Cleve" <>
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Subject: RE: [CR]handlebar mount bottle cages
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 13:52:45 -0700
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No way on the aluminum cage, Tom. Stainless baby :^) I wonder if a small place like King Cage ( could/would consider working on a project like this?

Doug Van Cleve Chandler, AZ

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It looks like we are all scratching our heads and wondering why this disappeared from the market and/or fell out of favor. Cyclotourists would find a bottle useful there. Most racers in a 30 mile plus event would. Triathaletes actually do and have neato aero bottles with straws (oh I'm sorry- an integrated vacuum fluid delivery system). And then there are all the noncompetitive type people who just like to ride bikes and get a quick drink in, without wanting to use a camelback. So.....who's gonna 'R&D' a TA bottle cage, and update it with an aluminum cage and stainless hardware? I gather we all want something fancy, and not just a modern alloy cage with a clamp on the back, or a Kan Kooler type thing found on beach cruisers or DUI bikes.

Tom Martin
Oakland CA