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Subject: [CR]Phil Liggett at Cycling Plus

I had noticed a couple of months ago Phil Liggett's usual editorial page had disappeared from the US edition of Cycle Sport. Now I see in the latest Cycling Plus he is now a columnist for them. Does this mean he has been ousted as editor of the UK edition of Cycle Sport as well? If not, it seem odd he would write a column for a competing magazine.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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> << PS: does anyone know if FEDEX ground and
> UPS prices to ship standard bike-sized boxes
> have suddenly doubled or something? Just
> wondering. I just heard something to
> that effect.. >>
> Charles just may have gotten my e-mail complaining at the huge rate increase
> we experienced here at cycles de ORO since the Cirque. Bike going from here to
> the west coast costing are at $100.00 plus plus! I just penned a deal for our
> shop with DHL (who just bought Airborne Express) and they are quoting ground
> shipments at half the UPS Ground and FedEx Ground costs...

> Dale


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