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Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 11:47:21 -0600
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From: Brook Watts <brook.watts@comcast.net>
Subject: Fwd: [CR]Lamborghini titanium frame..

I have scans of a Nov. 1975 International Cycle Sport article about Speedwell frames including details about Ocana using the frame in 1973 TdF stages.

I'd be happy to send them along to anyone who would like them.

Brook Watts Longmont Colo

>I think Richard Sachs was correct in his assessment of this frame,
>by saying that it is a Speedwell.
>I recall some publicity about the machine in England some years ago,
>but like so many of these publicity stunts the project was short
> I have a couple of Speedwells and recognise the Lamborghini as a
>Mark II version due to its slightly bulbous seat-stay top-eyes, and
>fork crown. The crown also featured on the the Mark I version, but
>the top-eyes were long and very chamfered. The frames tended to feel
>quite flexible when ridden hard, and perhaps the beefed up
>seat-stays were an attempt to add some rigidity. To try to keep a
>customer happy when I was a little behind in building his new racing
>frame I lent him a 22" Speedwell Mk I to race on. He brought it back
>after a couple of races complaining that "...it's like riding a bag
>of rubber bands!"
>As I recall the Mark I version was the one used by Louis Ocana. in
>the mountain stages of the 1973 Tour de France.
>Norris Lockley...Settle Uk