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Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2004 20:31:51 -0700
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That "mystery" frame was made by Jeff Lyon, formerly of Sunnyvale, CA but now residing in Grants Pass, Oregon. It could have been made while he was living in San Jose, Seattle, or even in England, while studying under a man by the name of Mr. Philbrook.

The Seraboni headtube decal was his earliest design. One can clearly see the lion sitting on the bicycle.

Peter and I made a trip up to Oregon a couple years ago to visit him and his wife. Jeff is a great guy, and very talented, and is still building frames in his workshop.

Jan Johnson Portola Valley, CA

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This was just brought into my shop for serevice by a customer who bought it on eBay... (big files again!)

I have no idea who made this but it is artfully made. Features to notice... - Very refined and thinly filed lugs. - British threading - Very accomplished fast back stay treatment (no lumps, bumps or amateurism in joinery) - Domed stay ends (As from Reynolds or hand domed?) - Cinelli SC crown but what lugs? - Long socket BB shell, apparently not investment cast...? - Highly filed up Campag 1010 drop outs. - Expertly stamped frame numbers are a larger size than usual.... - Probably repainted and not-correct head decal. (Anyone heard of this "Seraboni"?)

What do you say? Someone might guess an Eisentraut or early Ritchey or even a Peter Johnson..... or?

Dale Brown