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Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 15:37:12 -0700
Thread-Topic: Questions For The Builders on the List
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From: "Paolo Santambrogio" <psantambrogio@donbarany.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Questions For The Builders on the List

I'm not a builder but enjoy learning about lugged frames; always ridden then since 1984. Two bikes are in the garage now, a '85 Pinarello Montello and a '03 Mondonico Foco custom.

The Mondonico was ordered by me with a Reynolds fork with a 1" carbon steerer. The fork was installed by me 3cm of pacers above a non extended head tube. The handling is just not the same as it was with the Pinarello that has a steel fork, at 50 mph the bike feel very vague and there have been some serious wobbles at speed. Entering turns downhill also feels vague and entry speed has suffered. Reynolds specifies 1 inch max. of spacers, using a 20mm and a 10 mm I exceeded their spec. by 4mm. This was with a reversible stem installed to provide more height above the 30mm of spacers, I understand that this might have raised the total effective height way above the 1" max (26mm) by Reynolds.

To remedy the handling the stem was flipped in the low orientation, with little improvement in feel. Next the stem was lowered 10mm, at 20mm I am inside the max 1" by 6mm. This improved thing and I am beginning to regain confidence in the bike when descending and turning.

By not ordering a steel fork I might have let go of the trial numbers or other subtleties that master Antonio knows will work with the frame, have I?

Is a 1" carbon steerer just too flexible when most carbon forks are really designed to be 1-1/8"?

Would lowering the stem another 10mm help because it would place the expansion bolt at the sane height as the top headset bearing, thereby reinforcing the tube?


Paolo sant'ambrogio
Santa Monica, ca