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Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 18:05:04 -0500

Harris Cycles and Bike Tools, Etc. usually have what I need. They both have web sites which should be easily found by searching for their names. Loose Screws used to have a lot but they've downsized a lot in recent years.


Jerry Moos Houston, TX

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My Google searches have found many suppliers but none on the mark. Can you suggest fastener suppliers that you know for certain have good stock of metric stainless or chrome? Thanks. Richard Cielec Chicago, Illinois

jerrymoos <> wrote: Plus you can find a fair collection of metric fasteners at almost any US hardware store, although if you want stainless steel, for example, you may need to order them from a web site that specializes in bicycle fasteners or other metric fasteners.


Jerry Moos Houston, TX

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> Head on over to this web site and order a catalog... tons of fasteners,
      > and Metric, steel, stainless, brass, plastic, aluminum, Ti.
      > Small Parts
      > Bob Hovey
      > Columbus GA
      > Don:
      > Finding metric hardware in the States is impossible.
      > What I hope to find is: chrome or stainless; metric then SAE; fine thread
      > For nuts, I would like to find metric fine thread stand-off that I would
      > to short width for nuts. As you recall, a stand-off looks like a long hex
      > For the bolt, if I can't find something that looks decent when trimmed to
      > as you have also suggessted, I hope to find metric fine thread socket head
      > cap screws. Be OK if the head is too large because that would allow for
      filing a
      > flat. If the socket head is too small for a flat then, that's OK, I can
      > with that. Just happy to have good threads.
      > I hope some of our fellow European listers read this and perhaps will do
      > kindness of finding the metric fine threads in their local hardware store.
      > Thanks and Regards,
      > Richard Cielec
      > Chicago, Illinois