Re:[CR]Masi Carlsbad M&M's on eBay?

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Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 15:59:06 -0700
From: "John Jorgensen" <>
Subject: Re:[CR]Masi Carlsbad M&M's on eBay?

Paulie & the List,

Yes, those are real, a friend has some as well, scooped up in Carlsbad. Brian has at least a fist full. The dealer sign is cool as well, I fortunately have one of those, mine is applied to a sheet of low glare polycarbonate. His photo does not show the text well, but the "Authorized Masi Dealer" suffers from black type on a blue background. Missing from his wares for sale is a Masi metric gear chart, post card sized, the back of which looks like the dealer sign essentially. The water bottle is unobtanium and will probably fetch more than I can tolerate. I wish I took a roll of the Masi Carlsbad packaging tape when I visited 29 yrs ago...Looks just like the Velostuf GC taped as shown "just out of the box" with Carlsbad instead of Milano repeated throughout. Glad to know someone else saved stuff decades ago.

John Jorgensen Today in Torrance

Have y'all seen this? M cutouts from the Masi factory in Carlsbad? Brian, can this be true?<blah

Paulie "Wonder if my *M* is in this batch?" Davis