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Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 14:21:05 -0500
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I may be way off base here, but this takes me back to the mid 70's. "Free Spirit" and "Ted Williams" say SEARS to me. Ted Williams (Boston Red Sox) was Sears' spokesmodel for the their sporting goods. Free Spirit was their bike line. I recall they had a "high-end" bike with Crane, etc, I just don't remember the 531 frame as being part of it.

Is there another Ted Williams?


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I stopped at my favorite thrift store for old bikes today (I've pulled a few bianchis out of this place) and didn't see much among the pile of bikes. Then against the back wall I saw a gold frame with drop handlebars, then I saw what I thought was just a Free Spirit headbadge. I almost walked away but I figured I'd check it out see if it by any chance had any decent parts. I got closer and then I saw the shimano crane derailleur, I was intrigued. I looked over the bike and saw the reynolds decals on the seat tube and fork. I walked to the front of the bike and looked at the headbadge again, it was a ted williams bike. I've only heard of these, never saw one up close. I rolled it up to the cashier and gladly paid the 19.53 including tax for it. Anyone have info on these? I can't find much online. Here are the specs: Full reynolds 531 frame, stays and fork. Shimno crane rear derailleur, and a shimano front which is not a dura ace. The body of it is alloy, the cage is steel, I think it is badged, "LITEST." Shimano gold freewheel, weinmann alloy rims and I'm assuming shimano hubs although they are not marked. The front wheel has wing nuts the rear is bolted on. Sugino "melt forged" cotterless cranks and a tange bottom bracket. Pivo stem, alloy bars, weinmann center pull brakes. I thought these bikes were campy equipped and so I thought these components were replacements but then I saw the dropouts were shimano. Is this a later model in the ted williams line? Do these parts sound original? It is pristine condition, paint is near perfect as are the decals. It looks like some kid got a bike he didn't like and left it hanging in the garage. He probably wanted a raleigh or a peugeot. The frame makes me laugh looking at the free spirit top tube decal and then seeing the reynolds decals. Again I've never seen one of these up close or for sale. Any info you guys could give me would be great. I'd like an idea of how rare these are and how much they might be worth although I have no intentions of selling it unless it's worth a grand, then I might consider it but I doubt that very much.

chicago, Illinois