RE: [CR]Shoes for a classic ride

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From: "Charlie Young" <>
Subject: RE: [CR]Shoes for a classic ride
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 14:10:30 -0400

Indeed, the Diadoras are a good compromise. Especially when one is faced with the need to walk. I have a set from when the local Performance was blowing them out for $40. My local Amish footwear shop/tailor used a modification of this individuals approach to optimise them for clip and strap pedals. I had them remove both of the Velcro straps.

My 30+ year old Sidis with seriously deep cleats are better until I need to walk on them.

Charlie Young Honey Brook, PA

Tom wrote:
> In modern shoes, the Diadora Voyager is decent. It does
> have a thicker sole than traditional touring shoes to
> accomodate the SPD mounting plate, but it lacks the
> annoying sole lugs and knobs of most mountain style shoes.
> It works better with the nylon "mountain" size toe clips.
> WIth steel clips, you need thin socks to prevent the clip
> from pressing on the top of the shoe, and even then you
> may have to bend the toe clip to give good clearance. The
> shoe comes with laces and two velco straps. The front
> strap snags toe clips automatically when trying to insert
> your foot. A few minutes work with a knife removes the
> front strap, and then the shoe slides into the clip pretty
> well.