Re: [CR]Scam Warning ?

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Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 15:05:33 -0700
From: "Steve Maas" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Scam Warning ?
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Suggested response to this kind of thing:

Dear Mr. Kenney:

Thank you for your interest in the bike I have for sale. I want you to know that although I live in the US, I have an agent in the UK who can handle all my transactions there. I will arrange for him to come to your place of residence and pick up the payment for this item. I will require payment in cash, as the details of my circumstances do not allow me to deal with checks, credit cards, or other forms of transfer internationally. Please be sure to include the stated amount for shipping, [insert uncomfortably high shipping estimate here]. When I hear that payment is complete, I will then ship the bike from my location in the US. Delivery times from the US can be long, so please be patient. Rest assured that the bike will arrive in good condition.

Best Regards, .....

PS: I am looking for a trustworthy individual in Nigeria who can handle a minor financial transaction for me, involving the transfer of some funds outside of the US. I would be happy to pay him 20% of the total for his assistance in this matter. Would you know of anyone?

Steve Maas Long Beach, California, USA

---------------------------- wrote:
> I cannot be sure but this looks fishy to me. I just received this email a
> few minutes ago and it is so vague and confusing that it must be a scam.
> Not to mention that I have no bikes currently for sale. I did not even
> attempt to write back but I am posting it here just in case it goes to
> more than just I.
> Dear Sir,
> I am interested in the Bike that you have for sale .
> I want you to know that i am based in the UK but tend to travel
> all around the world on business .I am presently in London
> attending to business.This will however not disturb this transaction ,i
> will arrange for the payment and also for the pickup to be made after we
> come to an agreement.Please contact me directly by email
> I will be in need of the details of the state and welfare of the car.
> I will also like to know the final asking price of the trailer .As
> well as all other relevant information that i will need to for the
> transaction
> to commence.
> I look forward to your reply