Re: [CR]Frame integrity

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Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 19:04:05 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]Frame integrity

-- "Tom Martin" wrote:

>>E-ritchie said:
>>fork blades are designed in guage, taper, and overall length
>>to be bent. chainstays are not. And How did Hetchins deal with this back in the day?

i don't know. maybe the chainstays were of stock material designated to be altered. maybe not. in any event, frames from those years were barely seen with chainstays under the 1mm wall thicknesses that would follow after the 70s bike boom. stuff "that" thick in guage is more forgiving. and i asume - this is a stretch here - that they bent them mechanically and in some controlled sequence BEFORE the frame was built. e-RICHIE chester, ct who received this email twice cuz my name was left in the "to" field when the list address is sufficient. there, i feel better...