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Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 14:49:59 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]Collecting things

zatezalo-issimo, great! i think this "heirarchy" is another way of articulating the "grading system" that some listee (!?) said he'd take care of a looooong time ago. e-RICHIE chester, ct

-- Nick Zatezalo wrote:

What do we hold to be sacred and pure in our hobby of vintage bicycle collecting?

We all cross this threshold at some point in time in our collecting hobbies and there are no finite guidelines to be followed. Our individual perceptions evolve over time and with involvement in the endeavor. To what levels we gravitate are purely the decision of the individual.

For me their are certain vintage items that are to be admired and treasured for what they are in the purest sense. In these instances; originality is the predominant goal and here I speak of obsessively protecting the item as it was created. Period correct parts, original finishes and as close to original as humanly possible. The item should be allowed to mature gracefully through time. These are borderline display only items.

An item exhibiting some of the above exemplary features but not quite at the apex would be next in the hierarchy. These items in original condition are very desirable but restoration back to original is also desirable.

Next come the items which are built to high standards but do not approach the apex of the above items. Many of the features are the same as those exhibited in the above two areas but they also include some rather ordinary features. These items have appeal in original condition,but more liberal guidelines to restoration are fine. A subcategory here would include items that could be modified from original.

The next area would include good quality built items but with mostly standard practice features. The choices for restoration and modification become greater.

The above categories are very subjective and also have subcategories within each. I am not suggesting that these are standards for the hobby, but just my way of assessing 'things'.

Nick Zatezalo