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Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 09:23:19 -0400
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\r?\n>Hello Stephen,


\r?\n>Please post this important information to the CR list.


\r?\n>The Lars Anderson bicycle show will be held on August

\r?\n>8. There is no swap, or sale of any kind associated

\r?\n>with the show. The show is held on public grounds, and

\r?\n>sale or exchange of parts or merhcnadise, without

\r?\n>exclusive license, is against the law. I urge any

\r?\n>attending to not even think abouty bending these rules

\r?\n>as it will put the future of this show in jeopardy.


\r?\n>FWIW, Lars is/was the first and oldest bicycle show in

\r?\n>this country - emphasizing lightweights, but including

\r?\n>(to my own personal chagrin) other forms bicycle

\r?\n>design, including baloons, high wheelers, and sting

\r?\n>rays. I have asked that a special category of

\r?\n>Messenger Bikes be included this year, as a new genre

\r?\n>of lightweight, hot rod design. Messengers do a great

\r?\n>job with their bikes, and use them on a daily basis,

\r?\n>and demonstrate very advanced skills in handling (as

\r?\n>kakakaze as it is).


\r?\n>Unfortunately, Lars has been very poorly promoted over

\r?\n>the past coupe of years. I think in large part to

\r?\n>those who organize it having little experience and

\r?\n>acumen in event palnning and promotion, and partly due

\r?\n>to the fact that the swap venue was cancelled a couple

\r?\n>of years back. I think there was an issue about

\r?\n>inflated fees for swap vendors that turned the whole

\r?\n>thing sour - not to mention an unmanaged traffic

\r?\n>backup that caused the police to shut it down.


\r?\n>Last years show was a complete dissapointment. To

\r?\n>begin with, the lightweight concours had some nice

\r?\n>bikes, but should a 1985 Masi GC, dripping shiney with

\r?\n>imron, win Best of Show? Should a Medici pro strada be

\r?\n>considered in the Italian category? Heck, I brought

\r?\n>two museum quality team bikes that were not even

\r?\n>considered - a '48 Wilier Triestina and a Gloria La

\r?\n>Garabaldina Extra. The Peoples Choice voting is for

\r?\n>the birds - I like the idea of a cognoscenti award

\r?\n>that holds a bit more prestige.


\r?\n>But that aside, the Museum of Transportation at Lars

\r?\n>Anderson park is a wonderful venue, with car shows

\r?\n>every weekend. Last weekend was muscle car weekend,

\r?\n>and previous weekends were dedicated to Italian Cars,

\r?\n>German Cars, Sunbeams, British cars, Minis

\r?\n>(Messerschmidts, Isetta's and the like - you should

\r?\n>have seen the parade of a hundred of them entering the

\r?\n>grounds - quite a surreal sight). The museum will

\r?\n>NEVER support a 3 day event - neither the revenues nor

\r?\n>the venue schedule support that idea. Although the

\r?\n>museum supports the bicycle show, even though they

\r?\n>have systematically sold virtually all of their

\r?\n>bicycle collection, and refocused their charter on

\r?\n>"Cars only", its still hopeful that the one day bike

\r?\n>show can succeed. If not, then another venue (and

\r?\n>organizer) will pick up the ball ...... hopefully. I

\r?\n>personally feel a NY venue would be better (CP or



\r?\n>'til then, I hope to see all of you on August 8. Bring

\r?\n>a bike or two. Lightweights only...please. I'll be

\r?\n>bringing the following:


\r?\n>'48 Wilier la Triestina (special request)

\r?\n>'37 Gloria la Garabaldina (special request)


\r?\n>1960 Cinelli Pista Italian Team Rome Olympic Bike

\r?\n>1984 Cinelli Laser Pursuit German team bike that

\r?\n>didn't make it to the boycotted LA Olympics

\r?\n>1973 Colnago Super Pantografata Strada (NY Show bike)

\r?\n>1973 Colnago Super Pantografata Pista (NY Show bike)


\r?\n>These bikes are serious eye candy. Bring your drool



\r?\n>See you soon.


\r?\n>Ken Denny