[CR]All this Joe Starck rubbish >> Now Let's just stick to pre-1983 Bicycle stuff!

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Subject: [CR]All this Joe Starck rubbish >> Now Let's just stick to pre-1983 Bicycle stuff!

Dave et al., This list is about Classic Lightweight Bicycles from 1983 and earlier. Period.

This isn't democracy. It's Dales living room. He is the benevolent Dictator. Period.

The List isn't about aspiring writers, carbon fibre, Lance and his 6th win, C-Record for another few years, ergopower, sti, EPO, Ebay listing & reserve prices, capitalism, imperialism, BoBism, nationalism or any 'ism', it's just about pre-1983 bicycles and the body of information and topics that closely surround them. For some this is hair splitting and others it's blurring the lines of distinction that make each bicycle or topic unique. Going a bit off topic wouldn't be so bad if the subject matter didn't take on a life of it's own and careen out of control like a runaway freight train full of invective over mis-quoted or mis-attributed posts! No matter what it all has to come back to pre-1983 bicycles. Period. Yes there is room for RELEVANT divergence, we just have to carefully keep it relevant.

The number of folk who crash into Dale's living room and puke goodness knows what all over the carpet that has NOTHING to do with pre-1983 bicycles is astonishing. The occasional interesting/tangential topic slip is one thing but this daily monotonous noise of off-topic drivel is now killing the list. It's like we need some kind of obedience school for non-housebroken members. I'm ready to bail from this list because I don't have the time nor the inclination to delete all but a few on-topic messages. There are PLENTY

of bicycle lists to discuss the non-topic junque-posts presented here. Many of us are here because we were on those lists that have turned into cyber trash cans. Dale must often wonder what kind of monster he has created ;^)

I am thankful for all the friends I have made on this list. My brothers and Sisters in the USA, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy and even Japan have added a wonderful dimension to my bicycle world and life in general...the further opportunity to have met so many of you makes it even better. This list is a large conduit to all that. It used to be a great way to get away from all of the BS and stress of everyday life......

That's my $.02 / 0.0109176 GBP / 0.0165207 EUR

Matt Gorski Belmont Shore, California USA, Earth

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Joe has been booted from the list. -------------------------------------------------------------- What????? I can't say that i agree with everything that Joe had to say, I don't think he deserved to be booted off the list. Emotions sometimes flare, but I personally think that "booting" off the list has gone too far. I don't know Joe from adam's off ox, but surely we don't throw away a chocolate sunday if it has some vanilla mixed in by accident. Who is next, the person who claims to have had sex with Eddy Merckx?? Surely Bob's percieved "crimes" aren't so bad
deserved such action.
Thats my two cents.
Dave Anderson
Cut Bank MT