velo-gastronomy; was Re: [CR] Apology to NK, [CR]A sad loss!

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Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 19:34:45 -0400
Subject: velo-gastronomy; was Re: [CR] Apology to NK, [CR]A sad loss!
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cc: Michael Butler

And, I would also watch out for "Michél's Epicurian Velo-Ocities" in Soho. No telling what he threw into that "Fillet-Brazed Wiener-schnitzel"!

:-O, :-/, :-) Michael Lebron NYC




>Cc: Michael Butler <> ,

>Subject: Re: [CR] Apology to NK, [CR]A sad loss!

>Date: Sun, Jul 25, 2004, 7:00 PM


>Hello List:


>RE "At least Mike Lebron got an answer there were no crumbs at the table for

>me. I wonder if Mr. Lebron knows what a fish supper is let alone a pickled



>Sorry, no sad loss to me, I'm not buying any of this.


>For the record, because:


>1) I have not been even aware of this thread until now


>2) those who know me know that I have NEVER claimed to know the difference

>between a lugless frame and a fish supper, nor a welded frame and a pickled

>onion, or a dill pickle and a cottered crankset for that matter*


>3) I CAN detect an olfactory difference between the smell of pickled onions

>and p _ _ s,


>I therefore resent being drawn into Mick's p _ _ _ ing contest in this

>manner, and find an apology to be called for!!!


>Now, let me see if I can find the outset of this thread...


>As always, from your humble velo-gastronomist,

>Michael Lebron




>*I'd stay away from "Mike's Velo-Cafe" in Manhattan's East Village if I were