Re: [CR]Brake Lever Position - Weinmann & GB?

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Subject: Re: [CR]Brake Lever Position - Weinmann & GB?
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Those are probably similar to the levers of which I was speaking, except for the holes. I have a pair of those, though I think they are slightly newer than that, and the bend appears to be the same. There is a more pronounced bend at the top of the lever than other variations I have seen, making the reach a bit less at the end of the lever and also making it a little easier to squeeze the lever when riding on the hoods.

Extension levers, "safety levers", suicide levers, dual-position levers, idiot levers, all mean the same thing. I have never heard them called "commuter levers" but I'll add that to my list of synonyms for them. My thought was that if you found or fabricated something that would clip or attach to the body to keep the lever from opening all the way, it would bring the lever closer to the bar. If you have no pride, you could actually install a pair of commuter levers to them and get the same effect!

The bike in the photo is a Sports Tourer, affectionately called a Sports Tractor. I do have photos of some of my Paramounts at

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Steve: Thanks. Levers are 71 - 73, intergrated QR and 5 oval drillings in the lever. Nice bike in the photo. Paramount? rig up a shim - I cannot tell from the photo. Yet, I assume the shim is above the QR and against the lever body. standard extension levers - Do you mean what was commonly called the "commuter lever" ?

Regards, Richard

Stephen Barner <> wrote: I think the body of the junior lever was the same as the regular lever. Only the lever itself was different.

There were a few different bends in Weinmann levers over the years. The lever I like best is one that I think stopped sometime in the mid-'70s. It has more of a curve than the later levers, coming a bit closer to the bars, and has that unique Weinmann QR built into the levers. That QR does not work well with fat tires if you like close brake clearances. The lever came on Paramounts and quite a few other bikes. It might come close enough to the bars to suit your purposes. If necessary, an ingenious person should be able to rig up a shim to keep the lever from returning all the way to the rest position, an effect that was achieved with standard extension levers

I have a photo of the above described lever at

Steve Barner, Bolton, Vermont

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      assume the lever is also smaller. Perhaps lever bodies can be swapped.
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      > As to Wienmann- There is a junior size lever. You can also, at your own
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