Re: [CR]Regina Freewheel threading nomenclature

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Subject: Re: [CR]Regina Freewheel threading nomenclature
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 04:35:47 +0000

Steve wrote:
> some time ago I asked about the "F.I." stamp on the back of
> some Regina Oro freewheels picked up from the LBS. The helpful CR gang
> answered that it meant English threads (IIRC, the "I" stands for Inglese
> or some such. Don't know what the "F" is for).

My guess is that itstands for "fillettatura inglese" or "English threading"
> For extra credit, can any of the CR folks translate the complete phrase
> on the box that my Regina Oro came in?? The box states: "Per cambi di
> velocita con tenditori a molla".
> I can figger out the "to change the speed with... " part, but what's
> "tenditori a molla"?

"Tenditori" are "tensioners" and "a molla" means "with spring" in other words for sprung derailleurs or bikes equipped with sprung tension pulleys.

-- Steven Maasland Moorestown, NJ

> Steve Kurt
> Peoria, IL
> (don't even know enough Italian to name my cat Fellini)